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Why should I take private lessons?

It is not a surprise that private lessons are very beneficial. They offer a student a focus on personal interests and goals. Our teachers have individual approach and know exactly how to set specific dance plan for each person and develop it through his best potential.

Is Pro-Am dancing based only on one-to-one tuition?

The Pro-am word is an abbreviation for Professional-Amateur that refers to a student partnering with his/her teacher for a contest. Private lessons are essential and the time with your Professional teacher is a key to your improvement. He/she introduces the dance routines, practices them with you, personalities coaching to produce the greatest dancing and results.

What do I achieve after the private lessons?

The private lesson may not just be about only dancing. It is a whole combination of important accompanying skills you get from your session. Improved confidence and self-esteem, increased motivation for the future opportunities, better coordination, flexibility, musicality – that all leads into perfection in your dancing performance.

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Can't find what you're looking for?

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