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Group Classes Weekly Schedule:Adults
all ability class

- Monday 20:00-21:00
- Friday 20:00-21:00

Group Classes Weekly Schedule:Ladies
SOLO Latin Class

- Saturday - 13:15-14:15

Dance with us at Duet Dance Studio


Latin Solo class

At Duet Dance everyone can join as solo or bring the partner along. Our Latin Ladies only class gives you a great opportunity to get yourself back in shape with exciting Latin American moves and music.

Social dancing

If you prefer to spend an evening in a friendly relaxed dance atmosphere with your partner and enjoy waltzing around, then our Social classes are just right for you!

Private lessons

Or may be you are a real competitor in life? Then our professional dance teachers can help you to become one on the dance floor. Join Pro-am lessons and work on winning that desirable shiny trophy!
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One class a week of any course
Two Classes a week for selected two courses.

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    Latin Solo class

    Latin Solo class is specially designed for everyone who loves Cuban and Latin American rhythms and considers dancing as a perfect way of fitness, leisure, fun and enjoyment.
    At Duet Dance Studio we invite ladies to learn all popular Latin American dances such as Salsa, Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba, Bolero, Swing, Jive, Samba, Merengue, Bachata. In these classes you will learn the basic moves and routines to express yourself the most at the dance club or social environment. Our aim is to build your confidence through the full control of your body on the dance floor.
    We guarantee you an amazing Latin American atmosphere with the best music in the world!

    Pro-am what is it?

    Pro-Am is the combo of a professional (Pro) and an amateur (Am) dance couple. Unlike regular dance competitions half the partnership is a professional who teaches/coaches and partners the amateur half. There are some great advantages to having a professional partner and it is also a lot of fun.
    Pro-am movement in ballroom dancing is getting more and more popular these days. Duet Dance Studio offers a great opportunity for you to become a part of it. You can start with learning simple steps and find yourself competing Nationally and Internationally.
    To achieve the highest standard of excellence our teachers organise your personal dance program that is based on individual tuition and additional technical group classes. You can discuss your lessons plan with one of our teachers.

    Am I ready for pro-am dancing?

    Pro-am competitions are organised for dancers of all levels and abilities. If you feel like challenge yourself harder, try higher standard of choreography, have been dreaming about sparkly dresses - you are ready to go pro-am!

    Do I need to attend competitions very often?

    Not at all! Pro-Am competitions are all around the year and are held everywhere in the Globe! Students are free to participate in local events only or may choose a destination of their dream and make it real dance holidays.

    Where do I get the dance shoes and dresses? Do I need a special hair and make up for the competitions?

    These are very common and worrying questions for every dancer.
    Duet Dance Studio provides extra services in dance industry. We have great connections with the best shoemaking factories in UK and around the world. We help our students to find the best dance shoes style for a reasonable price delivered straight to the studio.
    You can also order your bespoke dance dress with us. Our amazing Valeria is an experience dressmaker and knows what fits best for you to look unique on the dance floor.
    Specially done hair styles and competitive make up complete your look for the day. Just speak to your teacher who can guide you how to get ready with one.
    Great teachers, professional and experienced. The dance shows aren’t to be be missed! A lovely, nurturing environment in which your child can to learn to dance – whatever their level”
    Brilliant dance school, my daughter has been going for almost 2 years and has grown in confidence which is amazing to see and watch. Highly recommended!”
    I would definitely recommend Duet Dance Studio if you have children interested in dancing/performing or even if they just need a boost in confidence! it definitely teaches them coordination skills, how to mix with others, how to follow instructions and most of all its great fun for them!”

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