Social Dancing Classes at Duet Dance Studio

Social dancing is the greatest way to escape from daily routines and hit the dance floor in a company with friends. Our social group classes give you an amazing opportunity to enjoy moving into rhythms of Latin-American music or Waltzing and Foxtrotting around the floor with the music of golden era of Hollywood movies!

Whilst learning the different steps and moves you will be able to recognise the dance rhythms, understand the sequence of steps and use those dance skills in social and competitive environment.  We will help to build your confidence in solo dancing as well as dancing in a couple and guide you through beginner level to advanced heights!

What is social dancing?

Social dancing is fun and relaxed way of Ballroom and Latin dance moves designed for people to be used in social environment like parties, weddings, clubs. It is non-competitive entertainment and a great opportunity to make new friends.

Do I need a partner to start dancing?

Not necessary! Our teachers are specially trained to assist everyone no matter a leader or follower is missing in the couple. Just come and enjoy your lesson.

Which dance is the best for the beginners?

At Duet Dance Studio all our teachers always listen to our customers preferences to learn a particular dance. These are the most popular dances for total beginners from our experience:
Within Ballroom we reckon English Waltz is often the best to start. It is slow and gracious dance that gives you soft and flowing movement, a truly romantic dance.
In Latin styles Cuban beats are really easy to find in all modern and old school music. Cha-Cha-Cha and Rumba are your fast and slow rhythmical dances that are the most traditional ones.
Great teachers, professional and experienced. The dance shows aren’t to be be missed! A lovely, nurturing environment in which your child can to learn to dance – whatever their level”
Brilliant dance school, my daughter has been going for almost 2 years and has grown in confidence which is amazing to see and watch. Highly recommended!”
I would definitely recommend Duet Dance Studio if you have children interested in dancing/performing or even if they just need a boost in confidence! it definitely teaches them coordination skills, how to mix with others, how to follow instructions and most of all its great fun for them!”

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